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Newport-on-Tay Parish Church – client testimonial

18 Jun 2021

Pleasing Services

Newport-on-Tay Church of Scotland owns a portfolio of commercial, leisure and retail properties located within their Parish in Newport-on-Tay. The Church required a professional and proactive management service, to ensure timely collection of rents and pro-active management of key lease dates.

The Church explained their requirements and problems managing tenancies and described service level they required. We arranged a tailored management package so they could pass control of the management to Westport Property.

Over the last 18 months we have engaged with the tenants, and assessed the portfolio, leading to improved rent collection performance.

“We are pleased with the services that Westport Property provide, which have resulted in prompt receipt of rents and a reduction in our administration.” Rev Dr Amos Chewachong, Newport-on-Tay Church.

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Client testimonial quote with an image of Adam Hutcheson and Rev Dr Amos Chewachong

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