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Using our in-depth knowledge of the local market, we work with property owners and investors to understand their investment goals and preserve and enhance the value of their properties. Through building strong relationships with tenants and occupiers, we excel in investment management, enabling us to pre-empt occupational requirements. This proactive approach allows us to identify opportunities for property owners often ahead of the market.

At Westport Property, our focus as an investment and asset management agent in Dundee is on adding value for our clients by protecting, enhancing, and maximising the value of their property and investment. With a reputable track record, we achieve this through areas such as tenant retention, efficient rent collection, risk minimisation, and innovative asset management strategies and solutions. We also advise on refurbishment, redevelopment, and alternative uses as a way of maximising future money value. Our expertise can add value at all stages of the property cycle.

How Can Westport Property Help You?

  • Expert Guidance Expert Guidance Westport Property offers personalised property investment advice.
  • Diverse Portfolio Diverse Portfolio We advise on and assit with the management of a diverse range of investments, including commercial and residential property portfolios.
  • Maximise Returns Maximise Returns We use strategic asset management techniques to enhance the value of your portfolio.
  • Risk Management Risk Management Our proactive approach helps mitigate potential risks and optimise investment outcomes.
  • Client-Centric Approach Client-Centric Approach We ensures that your investment needs and objectives are at the forefront of our services in Dundee.

Services We Offer

Lease Expiries

Our advanced systems use AI technology to pro-actively manage the lease expiry and renewal workflow.

Rent Reviews

We ensure opportunities to adjust rents are taken and managed to produce the best outcomes.

Residential property portfolio management

We specialise in strategically managing a collection of residential properties to optimise performance and achieve investment goals.

Benefits of Choosing Westport Property

Experienced & Proactive Team

We have a team of experienced professionals with a proactive approach, ensuring your property is well-managed and well-maintained

Local Market Expertise

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the Dundee market to make informed decisions that benefit your investment.

Personalised Service

We take the time to understand your unique needs and goals, providing tailored solutions and ongoing communication.

Maximised Value

We utilise our comprehensive approach to maximise the value of your property, both in the short and long term.


With a reputable track record, you can trust Westport Property to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations in Investment & Asset Management.

Transparent Communication

We prioritise open and transparent communication, keeping you informed every step of the way and ensuring clarity and confidence in our services.

Dundee Property Investment Success Stories

Based on 66 reviews
molly kane
molly kane
Della at Westport was amazing with helping me process my application for my flat, very professional and quick to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend Westport ☺️
M. Faiz
M. Faiz
Great experience! Loved my time here. Thank you Sheila and Della for your continued help and support throughout my stay. Big shoutout to the first floor flatmates. Had all excellent flatmates, kind and friendly.
Sean Minto
Sean Minto
Recently dealt with Della and Jane regarding our rental application. Smooth process, friendly staff and we are excited to move in!
Viktor Arató
Viktor Arató
I applied for a student accommodation, which was quickly handled by them. Della was very professional in handling my moving procedures (and patient). While checking in, Sheila was always helping and has continued to do so ever since in a friendly manner. Overall it is a very professional service that works smoothly.
Mark Yates
Mark Yates
The staff are all lovely and very helpful and welcoming. Would greatly recommend their services.
Sophie Nguyen
Sophie Nguyen
Good service. Quick and helpful.
Adham Noaman
Adham Noaman
Way better than my previous agency. Della and Shonna were very helpful and would handle almost any concern very quickly. Highly recommend
Hector Waudby-West
Hector Waudby-West
I would highly recommend this agency. I have rented from a number of agencies and this one has been far by the best. They have always responded quickly to any queries and dealt with any issues efficiently. Staff have always been very friendly and happy to help with any issues. Thanks!
Martin Ng
Martin Ng
been renting out for over a year. the office and onsite staff have been amazing; friendly and communicative! services has also been great - swift and straightforward so issues are resolved quickly. rooms/ facilities are also kept neat - great prices and very close to the uni and other shops! :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Investment & Asset Management Involve?

Investment & Asset Management involves strategies to preserve, enhance, and maximise the value of properties and investments.

How does Investment & Asset Management Benefit Property Owners?

Investment & Asset Management benefits property owners by helping them understand their investment goals, building strong relationships with tenants, and implementing strategies to enhance the value of their properties.

What are Some key Aspects of Investment & Asset Management Services?

Key aspects include tenant retention, efficient rent collection, risk minimisation, and innovative asset management strategies.

What Services Does Westport Property offer in Investment & Asset Management?

We provide Services including managing lease expiries, conducting rent reviews, and providing guidance to diversify and expand investment portfolios.

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